Whiteville Fire Department

Amkus ION Rescue Tools and Dewalt Battery Operated Hand Tools

Bunn Rural Fire Department

Rosenbauer/Commander  1250/1000/20  Side Mount Pumper

Belfast-Rosedale Volunteer Fire Department

Rosenbauer/Freightliner  1250/1000/20  Top Mount Pumper

Clearance Pricing on Bullard Demo Thermal Imagers

C.W. Williams has the following DEMO Bullard Thermal Imagers and accessories for sale at deep discounts. Contact your Local Sales Representative or call 1-800-277-3473 for prices. 1ea T4X Imager 2ea  T3X Imagers 1ea Powerhouse Charger 1ea Bullard Lanyard

Jonathan Creek Volunteer Fire & Rescue

Rosenbauer/International  1500/1000  Top Mount Pumper