Chocowinity Fire Department

Rosenbauer/Commander  1500/1500  Top Mount Pumper/Tanker

Roanoke-Wildwood Volunteer Fire Department

Rosenbauer/Warrior 1500/1000 Custom Pumper

Triplet Volunteer Fire Department

Rosenbauer/Freightliner 1250/2000/20 “Maverick” Pumper/Tanker

Bullard COVID-19 Equiment

Bullard in addation to fire helmets also provides respiratory protection and face protection products click this link for addation information on these products and COVID-19. Contact you local CW Williams representative or call 1800 277 3473 to order.

New PPE for Duffield Fire and Rescue

We would like to thank Duffield Fire & Rescue in VA and Chief Roger Carter for their recent purchase of Personal Protective Equipment for their Members. This Order included: 40-Sets of Fire-Dex Tec-Gen71 Turnout Gear 30-Sets of Fire-Dex Tec-Gen51 Extrication Gear 40- Pairs of Fire -Dex FDXL-100 Leather Boots 40-Fire-Dex H41 Interceptor Hoods 40-Fire-Dex Dex-Pro […]